Monday, July 2, 2012

Wirework Cards - Miro Chun

I don't recall where I first came across the whimsical greeting cards of Miro Chun, but the deceptively simple designs had me at hello.

Wirework Cards

I admire the way she uses bright blocks of colored paper to highlight single elements of the hand-shaped wirework designs, adding to their playful look.

Wire Birdies

Miro generally starts with sketches or photos, extracts the strongest lines, and ably translates them into wire. No doubt practice makes perfect!

Parsley flowers, for example...

Parsley Flowers

... are fine-tuned into a variety of possibilities:

Wire Flowers

Miro was born into an artistic family and is an architect. She was named after the artist Joan Miro and fittingly finds inspiration in Joan's paintings. Alexander Calder's mobiles and wire circus also influence her designs.

Lobster Cards

Miro's cards are sold in shops around the country and via her online shop, Fold. During the winter she readied a large batch of lobster and other creatures for Anthropologie stores after first creating a sea-worthy collection of wire samples.

Sea Creatures

Miro also makes sewn mobile cards, such as this clever football design for a shop in Pittsburgh where the Steelers reign supreme.

Steelers Cards

Her blog posts at Fold Here often leave me smiling, as she shows new designs interspersed with tidbits of daily life. And here's an interesting interview. I wasn't the least bit surprised to read that Miro's to-do lists are actually drawn as little pictures!


Anonymous said...

Miro's cards are just adorable!! Love the bright colours and the stylised designs.

alena said...

eeks! her stuff is so freaking cute! i'm heading straight over to her site right now!

Baukje said...

beautiful creation and the colors very nice!
Greetings Baukje

Ann said...

Those are the cutest and most clever cards I have ever seen

Casey said...

I love how simple and how expressive the forms are. They have character! Really nice work. I enjoyed checking out her blog, too.

Melissa said...

Cute! The octopus is adorable!

Handmade in Israel said...

Oh, these are just wonderful! Such quirky work. Love it!

SUGANTHI said...

The sea creatures are really clever creations .The wire birdies are adorable.

MixedNuts said...

You are one gifted girl! Such lovely design :)

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