Friday, October 26, 2012

Tree Branch Chandelier

Planning a Halloween party? I can't think of a more effective statement piece than this spooky tree branch chandelier!


Created by Haley Marie of Salt Lake City, it's nearly four feet wide and is composed of laser cut cardboard. She was inspired by the creepy, leafless trees in Tim Burton films and has added candle silhouettes to the branches for a gothic look. This one is painted black, but Haley ships the chandeliers in their natural cardboard state.


She has a masters in architecture which is readily apparent when you visit her Etsy shop Fab Parlor. It's stocked with all sorts of fun/cool home decor items designed to last and be kind to the earth... wall sconces, frames, cuckoo clocks (in great colors), additional chandelier designs, and pretty diamond string lights. Conversations pieces, one and all! Use LAS3RCUT at checkout for 10% off.

Have a super weekend whether you're readying for Halloween or the scary-sounding Frankenstorm that's headed for the east coast!


SUGANTHI said...

Fabulous work.

Doodles said...

Thanks. Love these and added her shops to favorites.

Bubble My Licorice said...

great post :)
I love it!

willowday said...

This is just amazing!

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