Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cut Paper Animals - The Implied Line

The Implied Line is a new Etsy paper cutting shop launched by versatile artist and crafter Kate Sears of upstate New York.


A degree in Industrial Design led to work in the field of FX prosthetic makeup and product design, but the shop exclusively features Kate's longtime fascination with creating cut paper animals.


Her love of making was instilled from an early age by her woodworker father, pen and ink artist mother, and "the craftiest grandmother on the planet" who inspired Kate to try her hand at many projects throughout her childhood.


All of her brightly colored, frameable work is deftly cut by hand with strong, sure lines.


My youngest son was an avid fan of animals as a little guy... Ranger Rick magazine pages were plastered on his bedroom walls. Pardon the pun, but he would have been wild about an entire zoo of Kate's creatures in his room!

She does more feminine designs too. This beautiful butterfly is stunning in its simplicity.


Kate welcomes custom requests at The Implied Line.


  1. These are wonderful! Such beautiful, clean work.

  2. Absolutely amazing ! Achieving such clean cutting just by hand is amazing !

  3. Beautiful work. SO many other examples in her shop to admire. I love the butterfly.

  4. Wow. I love that they are hand cut. What a great gift for a paper lover or as you wrote in your pun, a wild animal lover too. Very impressive artwork.


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