Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Newspaper Hats by Mary Design

I'm taking the chance that you haven't already seen these incredible newspaper hats that were featured on Trendland... fashion statements simply too unusual to not share here.


They opened the show at the Minas Trend Preview last summer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Not surprisingly, the theme was sustainability.



Brazilian born Mary Arantes of Mary Design showed her highly editorial clothing creations, complemented by hats and other accessories. The hats were made by Futurearte, a cooperative handicraft group that trains at-risk young people in management and marketing skills, and are available for purchase. And here's a Brazil Journal article about the evening that features Mary with one of the hats.



The hats were composed of perfectly rolled and woven strips, and their construction was influenced by styles worn around the world. How I would have enjoyed seeing them be made!

Photography by Agencia Fotosite


Maureen said...

Truly inspired!

SUGANTHI said...

I would have enjoyed seeing them made , what a lot of rolling .Fantastic!!!

chillin with Quillin said...

when you thought you've seen it all, wow very creative !!!

Regina said...

Ann!!! Just in case... those hats are being sold at Futurarte site. The average price for them is about R$ 280.00 BRL = 139.619 USD
They are all so beautiful but my favourite is Chapéu Bete (Beth Hat) .

Have a marvellous day!!

Melissa Kojima said...

I haven't seen them yet, so thank you for sharing them. Just amazing. And I love that the theme was sustainability!

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