Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Festive Quilled Ornaments - Mirror Paper

Beth Reece was inspired by my rolled paper ornament tutorial to make a bright and shiny version that would be perfect as New Year's Eve decorations. I'd be tempted to leave them up all winter just to cast some cheer on dreary days!


Beth used English mirror paper strips that are available in packages of silver, gold, or multi-color, and then glued on Swarovski crystals for extra pizzazz.

Wishing you all things good in the new year!


Jane S. said...

Those are lovely, aren't they! For the new year, the more bling the better. :)

Happy 2014 to you.

Ann Martin said...

I think so too, thanks Jane!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these!

Jan Castle said...

These are stunning!

Anonymous said...

Beth....elegant decorations!! lovely in metallic papers!!

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