A Paper Croissant Story, A Stop Motion Cupcake, and Folded Paper Table Decor

Perhaps you'll recall the deceptively delicious croissant that Justina Yang was inspired to make after spying bark-like wrapping paper at an art supply store.


Her creativity certainly didn't stop there... take a look at Justina's new and delightful 'making of'' video.

Prefer a sweet treat? Justina hand-cut and stacked 300 layers of paper to whip up a convincing cupcake - frosting and sprinkles included.


You can even forward it to your friends as a stop motion holiday greeting!

And last, but definitely not least...


Justina shows lovely ways to dress a festive table all winter long with paper bracelet napkin rings and wreaths. Print out the template and see exactly how to do the easy folds via this video.

Justina, thanks so much for sharing the links with us.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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