Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 Paper Jewelry Artists

There's something so appealing about paper jewelry - its seemingly fragile nature draws people in for a closer look. Admirers are always curious - dare I say even suspicious - as to whether it will survive a wearing. With care and common sense, paper jewelry can be worn again and again.

I've gathered images from a handful of my favorite paper jewelry artisans and will be featuring more in the future.

paper jewelry-necklace

Luis Acosta is an Argentinian artist who lives and works in The Netherlands. Originally trained in weaving, his distinctive paper jewelry art pieces are coiled, folded and stitched, and recognized for their vibrant colors, repetitive shapes, and dimensional layering.

paper jewelry-necklace

Luis's work has been shown internationally and is in museums and private collections worldwide, including the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

paper jewelry-ring

Ombretta Banfi in Toulouse, France, owner of Etsy shop Vasariah Creations, is an editorial illustrator who has been creating paper jewelry for four years. Ombry hand rolled recycled paper to make this multi-colored cabochon and affixed it to a brass ring.

paper jewelry-earrings

These lovely and unusual stick earrings are composed of rolled paper and colored sand, a technique Ombry developed while collaborating with an Italian firm on a sand-made drawings project for children. She coats the earrings with a water-based varnish, thus they aren't waterproof, but they will be fine unless you take them for a swim.

paper jewelry-necklace

I've featured British artist Liz Hamman and her woven and origami-based paper jewelry previously here and here, and I always admire the varied pieces she creates. Liz works almost exclusively with recycled or upcycled paper. She folded sheet music to create the pine cone necklace above. The polished beauty below is part of a TextTextureTextile series and features a book (text), crochet (textile), and embroidery with beads (texture).

paper jewelry-necklace

A visit to Liz Hamman Paper Jewellery on Facebook is where I learned her work is included in a current exhibit titled Boundless - The Book Transformed in Contemporary Art at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa, Arizona through August 10. The opening reception is Friday, May 9.

paper jewelry-earrings

Txe in Spain of Paper in the Pocket is a designer and painter who relies on paper folding to make many of the items in her Etsy shop - not just jewelry, but also lamps, mobiles, and home decor. She used squares of paper imported from Florence, Italy to make these pretty OKU origami earrings.

paper jewelry-necklace

This statement necklace in her SHIRO collection has me thinking of watermelon slices on a hot summer's day! Txe told me she paints the paper after it is folded.

paper jewelry-earrings

Philadelphia designer Kimberlee Mason of PULP by Rogue Theory creates paper earrings in retro-modern shapes... cubes, eyes, and circles in vivid color combinations. The components of the Mobi pair (above) can be rotated at will...

paper jewelry-earrings

...while the circles in this Orbium pair are fixed. With a background in architecture, Kimberlee is also a partner in Etsy shop Rogue Theory, makers of stylish fabric iPad cases and more.


MJ @ parscaeli said...

Oh, wow. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing. xo, MJ

SUGANTHI said...

Each one a true masterpiece. I am a fan of Ombretta's perfect beads.

Casey said...

Great finds! I especially love the ring and the rotating earrings.

Ann Martin said...

Casey, I actually thought of you when I saw those earrings - I had a feeling you would like them!

Anonymous said...

ann.. I love wearing paper jewellery and I love all the different examples shown. licia

Kim said...

These are gorgeous. I also like that the artists sometimes utilize recycled paper.

Ann Martin said...

So glad you like them, Licia and Kim.

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