Monday, February 9, 2015

Quilled Anniversary Certificate - A Behind the Scenes Look

Recently I was commissioned to quill a certificate for a couple who will be celebrating their 15th anniversary in the spring. The wedding color palette was gold and white with yellow accents, and the bride carried yellow lilies which she asked me to include in the design.

Quilled anniversary certificate by Ann Martin

She sent a scan of their reception card to use as inspiration. It's such a help to have a design to refer to as I begin a certificate, ketubah, or framed wedding invitation.

Reception Card

Calligrapher and fine artist Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio did the lettering in black ink with shimmering gold gouache touches on warm-white, 100% cotton paper by Arches, a French paper mill. The piece measures 15 x 22 inches; this is half the size of the marriage certificates she and I usually collaborate on because an anniversary piece doesn't require penciled lines for guest signatures.

Quilled anniversary certificate by Ann Martin
 photo by Living Letters Studio

All of the quilling was done with metallic-edge papers from JJ Quilling Design. I used gilded white and a new-to-me type - pearlized gold on one side and white on the other. It has a gilded edge as well and shines beautifully!

Quilled anniversary certificate - in progress

For the flowers, I made calla and peace lily prototypes...

Paper sculpture calla and peace lilies

...and experimented with yellow and gold metallic sculpture papers from Custom Quilling.

Quilled anniversary certificate by Ann Martin

The client and I agreed on the golden peace lilies which I nestled into each side motif composed of scroll work and inspired by the reception card's corner design.

Paper sculpture peace lilies

I used my quilling tool and a paper piercing tool to sculpt the paper and a straight pin to apply glue to the rolled white stamens.

Quilled anniversary certificate by Ann Martin

After the client approved the completed layout, it was time to do the final gluing. There's no room for error, so I measure and measure again to make sure everything is perfectly balanced.

Quilled anniversary certificate by Ann Martin 
Tweezers and a straight pin are essential tools. I mark where a coil will be placed with the pin tip and then use it to dot a miniscule amount of acid-free glue to the coil's underside. Holding the coil steady with tweezers, I adhere it to the certificate.

Quilled anniversary certificate by Ann Martin
photo by Living Letters Studio

No matter how many times I do this, I have to admit it's always a thrill to see the final design take shape.

The certificate was featured first on Oh So Beautiful Paper.


Cindy deRosier said...

It's stunning. What a treasure for them to have!

Maureen said...

Very beautiful, Ann.

Lucía Sinning said...

Beautiful work, Ann!
Thanks for sharing!

Amy DeCesare said...

Truly gorgeous! Your clients will be so pleased with your design - it's perfect in every detail. I love those lilies!

cate said...

WOW intricate and so beautiful thanks for sharing

SUGANTHI said...

SO elegant!! Ann this piece is go beautiful I am at a loss of words. So intricate and delicate .Love it!!

Candy said...

This is so very beautiful. I am in awe of the painstaking attention to detail. Thank you for giving us a peek into your process.

Ann Martin said...

Aw, you are all so nice, thank you.

Prairie Woman said...

To say you are an artist is a gross understatement! I don't think there is a word good enough to describe what you do. Thank you for sharing.

Ann Martin said...

Thank you very much!

neli said...

Very beautiful

Deb Booth said...

So very elegant and graceful! Beautiful work - thanks for sharing your process!

Ann Martin said...

Thank you eli (belatedly!) and Deb. I'm glad you like it.

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