Monday, June 26, 2017

5 Jewelry Artists Who Make Stylish Paper Necklaces and Earrings

Examples of modern paper jewelry... if you're a longtime reader of this blog you may have gathered that this is one of my favorite types of posts to assemble. I marvel at the zillions of ways people cleverly combine paper with unusual findings. Three of the artists shown below may be unknown to All Things Paper readers, while two have been featured previously... they have new collections that I'm excited to show you. First up...

SheilAnemoS Origami Design - Paper Earrings

SheilAnemoS was brought to my attention on Instagram where owner Cecilia Nicolò in Rome, Italy shares images of her modular origami jewelry. Since 2015 she has enjoyed the process of folding recycling paper into fashion-forward art. Each handmade piece is rigid, durable, and waterproof - even strong enough to wear as a ring!

SheilAnemoS Origami Design - Paper Ring

Cecilia often tries out new techniques, so keep an eye on her selection as it is updated frequently with the latest trends. Her Etsy shop, SheilAnemoS, is on hiatus due to a busy time with summer markets, but soon it will be stocked. Meanwhile, you can reach Cecilia via email at, Instagram or Facebook.

SheilAnemoS Origami Design - Paper Necklace

Daniela Bonurelli of Quilly Paper Design in Carini, Italy has continued to make pretty earrings and necklaces since she was last featured in this Paper Jewelry Artisan Round Up.

Quilly Paper Design - Rolled Paper Earrings

Daniela often incorporates touches of quilling and rolled or crimped paper beads in her work to nice effect.

Quilly Paper Design - Paper Earrings

Her new Etsy shop, Quilly Paper Design, showcases pieces that are eco-friendly, lightweight, and comfortable... just right for summer. Quilly Paper Design is on Instagram and Facebook.

Quilly Paper Design - Crimped and Beaded Paper Necklace

Dittany of Etsy shop Dittany Rose in Cambridge, England studied jewelry design at Middlesex University, but only recently set up a paper jewelry business after a twenty year career in language assessment.

Dittany Rose - Paper Earrings

She relies on colorful card, resin, and sterling sterling to craft her pieces after first designing the screen print patterns. Her distinctive collection consists of earrings, brooches, and pendants.

Dittany Rose - Paper Earrings with Studs

Dittany Rose is also on Instagram.

Dittany Rose - Paper and Bead Earrings

A few years ago I blogged about Marti Emmons of Coco Delay in Portland, Oregon and her handmade jewelry, along with little extras such as where the shop name originated. Curious? It's an enjoyable read, if I do say so myself. Now Marti has a brand new line of delightful rolled jewelry composed of decorative papers from around the world that feature dangly, shiny findings.

Coco Delay - Boho Quilled Paper Earrings

Marti describes these new pieces best... "When quilled* origami paper cozies up to rhinestones, the fun is just beginning."
Coco Delay - Quilled Tassel Earrings

Choose tassels or not for these circle-in-a-square, boho fashion statement earrings, and check out her pretty paper necklaces too. Yes, those are paper clips hidden inside each folded bead! Marti uses a moisture-resistant, non-toxic sealant to protect her jewelry. Coco Delay is on Facebook and Twitter.

Coco Delay - Bohemian Paper Necklace

Jenica Lodde in Clarks Green, Pennsylvania of Etsy shop, The Paper Fuchsia, and I met just today, believe it or not. Talk about timing! I really like her wire-wrapped geo shapes.

The Paper Fuchsia - Paper and Wire Golden Crane Earrings

Jenica uses durable, fade-resistant Japanese paper and high quality waterproof varnish to protect it.  Often cranes are featured in her work... in fact, she makes origami crane earrings too.

The Paper Fuchsia - Paper and Wire Earrings

A beautiful bangle bracelet is listed in her shop that you might want to check out. I'm also admiring the wire scrolls on these oh-so-simple, but unique leaf earrings.

The Paper Fuchsia - Paper and Scrolled Wire Earrings

The Paper Fuchsia is on Instagram.

Stay tuned for another paper jewelry post... there's never a shortage of talented people to feature so I'm sure more will be spotted before long.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ann. These pieces are lovely. Paper appears to be the perfect medium for jewelry. Looking forward to seeing more.
Laurie C

cate said...

WOW again....just gorgeous !!

Ann Martin said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Laurie and cate! Thanks for your comments.

Suzana Miu said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations!

Have a fine and inspired day!

Ann Martin said...

Hi Suzana, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the jewelry.

anita prakash said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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