New Quilling How-to Book - Quill It Easy

DRG Publishing recently released a new how-to-quill book called Quill It Easy.

cover of Quill It Easy paperback how-to book 
The colorful book is filled with simple, to fairly simple projects and detailed instructions - perfect for those who are new to the quilling world, but also great if you're experienced and just looking for fresh ideas. It was edited by Tanya Fox, who has a knack for knowing what's current and desirable in the paper crafting industry.

I was pleased when she asked me to be her go-to person when it came to writing the technique instructions and making the shape samples for the gallery. Several of my designs are included in the book, along with projects from quite a few other quillers, perhaps most notably, Alli Bartkowski, maker of the appealing Quilled Creations kits.

This is one of my ideas that's featured in the book - a cheerful little gift card, perfect as a starter project.

quilled cherries gift card

And this is another - a simple sand dollar... and now I'm thinking of eating juicy cherries on a sun-warmed, shell-strewn beach... come on, summer!

quilled sand dollar card with metal seashell charms
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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