Quilled Gilded Compass Card and Quilled Lettering

Here's my take on a quilled Best Wishes card... this golden compass design would be great to send to a graduate or perhaps it would make a nice retirement or bon voyage card.

 Quilled Gilded Compass Card 

But come to think of it, does anyone actually send bon voyage cards or are they as passe as the days of lengthy ocean crossings?!

The card was my first try at quilled lettering - I found it enjoyable, if not a bit tedious. Thus my hat is off to Yulia Brodskaya, the Russian-born artist whose paper filigree letters are nothing short of astonishing - so incredibly detailed with each scroll and coil perfectly placed. Like this:



quilled lettering 

Speaking as one who has been working with a needle tool and tiny strips of paper for quite a while, I can vouch for the fact that Yulia's extraordinary talent is very rare indeed. Something tells me she will never, ever run out of ideas!

quilled typography

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Yulia's work in incredible! Thanks for passing along the link.

  2. Oh wow, thats amazing.
    So beautiful.
    Would be fun to learn how to do this.

  3. Thanks for your comments. http://www.parchcraftaustralia.com/quilling%20corner.htm is a good site to learn the basics of paper filigree.

    I wrote a couple of tutorials recently that you might find helpful too:




  4. I love traditional quilling but I REALLY love outside-the-box quilling. This stuff is perfection!


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