Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sign of the Times - Mrs. John L. Strong, Closed Stationer, Sends Regrets

I noticed this article in the New York Times last week... Mrs. John L. Strong, Closed Stationer, Sends Regrets
Mrs. John L. Strong cardI had been introduced to the Mrs. John L. Strong company via Martha Stewart's magazine and television show years ago and was sorry to read it is closing after 80 years in business. Chalk it up to these challenging economic times. The Madison Avenue go-to shop for royalty, celebrities, and socialites sold custom hand-engraved, hand-crafted invitations, as well its own line of the finest papers... the kind you just know are ultra-expensive the moment you feel the weight of the envelope in your hand. The end of the elegant, old world era... perhaps take a few minutes to watch this very nicely made video about the company and its interesting history.


  1. Ann, thank you for reminding us all how much we are loosing as we hurry to embrace easy and inexpensive ways of doing things.

    I am always saddened by news of "old, established" companies closing.

  2. Hello!

    Your work is very nice

    Anne-Lise Koehler


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