Handmade Paper Flowers

Sue Custer, a talented quiller from Missouri, made this beautiful basket of life-size flowers as one of her design team projects for the May issue of the Custom Quilling newsletter. Zinnias and daisies speak to me of the promise of bright summer days - I'm so ready!


quilled paper flowers 

Sue has been quilling since childhood and honed her skill via Quill Art kits that are now considered vintage. That word is used pretty loosely in relation to quilling though, as Sue personally doesn't fall into the vintage category!

She used a Sissex die-cutter to make the shapes for some of the flowers and leaves; others are quilled, fringed, or husked. To make the die cut zinnias, she cut away petals from the top two layers and brought edges together to make each layer a bit smaller than the one below. Curving the petals downward adds to the realistic look. Sue covered the collapsible cardboard pot with terra cotta cardstock and applied brown chalk to the edges.

And here's another idea for bright paper flowers - these crepe paper beauties were made by Linda Permann of CraftStylish. She's written a super tutorial that can be found here [no longer available unfortunately].


paper flowers

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! Did you ever find Holy Moly Mackeroly? Gloria is great! She's truly one of the most positive people I've ever met. I had the opportunity to work on her DVD and sit in on some of the filming. She's an example to live by in both her creativity and her spirit. (You can tell we grow attached to the people we film at work :)

    Also I love your blog's name. I too am obsessed with paper and actually have been working on paper and fabric flowers for the past 2 months solid. I haven't posted any of them because I'm still so much in the testing phase. Maybe it's time to photograph one or two of those bad boys.

  2. Not yet, Kelly, but it's def on my to-do list! Ooh, I hope you'll take some photos of what you've been making - would love to see. Thanks for stopping by.


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