Folded Paper Roses and Paper Hydrangeas

It's been all about paper flowers this week - small wonder, as it is the merry month of flower-filled May here in the northern hemisphere. Today I'd like to introduce you to Paula Bauer, a self-professed folded rose addict.

Folded roses are one of those bugaboo techniques that often frustrate those of us who do paper filigree. When I was first learning, I remember having a devil of a time getting them to look like they were flowers rather than torpedoes - the centers kept springing up and out. Luckily I had met Paula, owner of Gem State Quilling [edit: no longer available], via an online quilling group, and she kindly talked me through her method. I was able to understand exactly how she makes them and make them she does! As a busy mom of five, Paula finds that roses are something really easy to do whenever she has a spare moment... she can fold a pocketful no matter where she happens to be. When she gets back to her desk, she simply repositions the folds as needed, glues the ends, and has an assortment to use in projects.

Take a look at this beautiful rose trellis journal cover Paula designed for a custom order.Paper Rose Trellis Journal I love the way she wove paper strips to create the trellis and how the roses spill over its confines the way they do in real life. The casual lettering gives the journal a personal touch.
folded paper rosesIf you would like to learn Paula's foolproof method, she's compiled step by step instructions and photographs, available as an emailed or snail-mailed pattern [edit: no longer available]. She also offers techniques for making hydrangeas, poppies, and wild roses - all are so realistic, I think you'll be impressed and inspired to make some of your own. paper hydrangeasOn her blog, Give It a Twirl, Paula recently posted about an eighteenth century filigree piece that's looking for a good home. It would be pretty special to own such a beautiful piece of history!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. am being converted to filigree by these sensational designs- must get a tutorial =)

  2. So glad you are enjoying them. I bet Elizabeth would show you how and I'd be happy to answer any questions too. I have a couple of online tutorials in the pipeline, so be on the lookout!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me, Ann and mentioning my instructions. You have placed me between some pretty amazing paper artists and I'm feeling a tad 'simplistic' next to these astounding works....their scope and scale in particular!

    I especially appreciate the shout-out on Sally's antique paper filigree piece. I'm hoping to gain wide coverage of it in the paper arts circles so fans of historical paper artwork become aware of its upcoming auction.


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