Friday, July 31, 2009

Rhymes with Magic

Some people are just so clever!

Librarian by day and art-maker by night, Heather of the Etsy shop, Rhymes with Magic, is one cool paper artist. Not only does she sell a line of beautifully constructed paper bead jewelry, each piece featuring a nifty, book-related saying... Ha! Love it.Drink in Words (Latin)Stranger Than Fiction
Accidental Librarian

but now she has devised custom book art.I'd been reading along as Heather blogged about her experiments in book origami. Since she was already able to fold aged book pages into wonderful wall art patterns...I never doubted for a moment that she would be able to work out a way of completing the full alphabet.

click on pic for the full effect!

And now that she can make each and every letter, send Heather the word or name of your choice and she'll turn an unloved, 'rescued' book into a personalized art statement.

A few more of Heather's paper and book-related works - ornaments and even a play on the pocketbook... she's an endless well of creativity, that one.


  1. Thank you so much for the introduction to this amazing artist!

  2. Oh wow! What amazing works of art! I have been including words in my graffiti style polymer clay beads and really enjoy the interest and meaning words can bring to them. Words are truly powerful. Thanks for sharing this word art with us!

  3. Wow those are cool, thanks for sharing the link with me. I wonder how long that alphabet book took her. Those are super unique. That would be a fun gift for a book junkie.


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