Quilled Designs in Black and Silver

I've just started another quilled marriage certificate and have been thinking a lot about the design the past few days. The couple requested the quilling be done in black as the text is hand calligraphed in black ink on white paper. I suggested adding a few silver gilded filigree elements to compliment the dramatic look of all black and they liked the idea, especially after I emailed pictures of previous work I'd done in black and silver. I think it helps to have a reference point, especially where color is concerned.

Quilled Indian design in black and white

This was one of the pieces I made for my quilling exhibit at Brandywine River Museum of Art, inspired by Indian fabric. The quilling is mounted on paper that has tiny bits of mica incorporated in it, which makes for a really pretty background.

I also sent along this picture of a black script letter, embellished with silver leaves. I'd made it to dress up a special gift box after seeing an entire alphabet of leafy letters.

Quilled letter A
I really like how something simple like a single letter can go such a long way in personalizing a present. Now that I think about it, it would be a neat project to make quilled letters on a much larger scale to frame as wall art... and doing a three letter monogram would be really beautiful... hmmm, the wheels are turning... it's always good when that happens!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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