Monday, August 10, 2009

Cardboard Safari

of paper and things is a lovely blog that, as you can imagine, features ideas that are right up my alley. Friday's paper fix caught my eye... a cardboard astro rocket made by Chris Jessee's and Luis Rodrigalvarez's little company in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cardboard Safari sells laser cut figures via Etsy and a long list of shops around the world. Wall art and free standing animal or holiday designs (Halloween skulls, anyone?) are composed of recycled, non-toxic Georgia-Pacific cardboard that's cut by American-made lasers. Deer, bison, moose, and rhinos ride the trophy head design wave with tongues-in-cheek...Shipped flat, the slot-construction creations will keep the family occupied for a bit on Christmas morning. Once assembled, get your crafty on by adding camo paint, flocking, or glitter... just. go. wild.


  1. The things are fantastic....unbelievable....very nice work u hav done.

  2. Hey we just repinned the 3rd picture on Pinterest. We love these things too. They look so nice!

    As a heads ups, if anyone happens to be looking for them in Europe or the UK, you don't have to pay that high shipping all the way from Virginia! We sell them in Europe via our webshop at


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