Botanical Quilling - Garden Peas

Before summer slips away, I'd like to show you this framed paper filigree piece that was included in my quilling exhibit at the Brandywine River Museum of Art. I made it as a gift for someone who enjoys growing peas each spring, thus the choice of subject material.

quilled peas in titanium frame
To be honest, I never cared too much for peas as a child, but I've certainly mended my ways. Now not only do I like to eat them, but I also admire the growing habit of the plant itself... such delicate tendrils with a surprisingly firm grasp - really quite miraculous! I enjoyed recreating that aspect in paper.

Strips of hand cut vellum were used for the pea pods, and Speck-tacular quilling paper (edit: sadly now discontinued) from Lake City Craft Company made up the majority of the plant and flowers. I find that the muted, speckled shades are a natural for plant construction and the paper is just the right weight for looping and sculpting.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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