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Sarah Louise Kelly is the brainchild behind Saloukee, a relatively new company that features intricate paper jewelry designs. In less than two year's time, Sarah's eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, pins, and earrings have been exhibited in shows across Europe, won awards, and generated a great deal of buzz.

black and white perforated paper jewelry
Sarah studied silversmithing and three dimensional jewelry design at Loughborough University in England where she created jewelry models in paper as preparation for larger works. Soon Sarah realized she preferred paper as a medium instead of traditional metals; thus her line of jewelry was born.

With patience and precision - pressing hundreds of rivets by hand, for example - she creates not just jewelry, but striking works of art from sustainable Japanese textile papers.

The laser cut folds are designed to expand and contract.

Sarah's highest profile commission to date has been a range of jewelry for Angelina Jolie to wear in the film, A Mighty Heart, based on the memoirs of Mariane Pearl.

As one who also makes paper jewelry, I asked Sarah how she fields questions of wearability. I can so relate to her reply:
"...I love the natural, tactile nature of paper and I feel that a fixative would taint it. I don't like shiny, false looking surfaces and to me, treating an item in a way in which it was intended, is important. I always get, "What happens if it rains??" which frustrates me a lot! I've taken to saying "Well you wouldn't wear a pair of silk shoes in the rain, would you?!"

Sarah's jewelry can be purchased via Saloukee.
Update! - 2/27/12 Sarah has written a beautiful book that's just been released in the U.S. It's titled Design & Make: Paper Jewellery. Enter to win a copy here. Open worldwide.

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  1. Sarah's work is fantastic!
    And I'm saying this not only as fellow paper jeweler but also as a paper jewelry wearer and you Ann!

  2. wow, those are amazing! you find the coolest paper jewelry.

  3. Outstanding! I especially love the white piece at the bottom of your post.


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