Six Month Blogiversary!

I can hardly believe it... six months have flown by. For someone who wasn't quite sure that blogging would be her cup of tea, I have to say I'm having a blast! Getting to know so many of you lovely readers, not to mention being in touch with the fabulous artists and crafters who have been featured here since March... well, I'm very glad I took the plunge.

So then, to celebrate... how about a giveaway?!
  autumn bead trends magazine cover
The prize is pristine, brand new copies of the September/October 2008 issue of Bead Trends and the January 2009 issue of CardMaker Magazine, and since it's all about making, I'll send along some nifty card making supplies too. The Bead Trends idea book features instructions for one of my gold-gilded filigree pendants, as well as many more handmade jewelry designs. CardMaker includes patterns for a quilled calla lily card and a quilled Valentine, plus a zillion other greeting card ideas.
All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment by the end of Sunday, September 6th.

It doesn't matter in the least if you've never commented before... if you're reading along, that's pretty terrific all by itself. Would you believe this site has been translated into 58 languages?! (Meet Google Analytics... my new best friend, har!)

Check back on Monday, September 7 when I'll announce the winner. And don't worry if you aren't in the U.S. - I promise to ship the treats anywhere in the world.

WINNER! The random number generator selected comment #5 as the winner... Congratulations, Regina! Please email me your address so I can send the prize.

Here's to many more posts of papery goodness - thanks, everyone!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Hello Ann - I don't often get to roam around the blogs, because life keeps getting in the way, so you can believe my surprise to see that you were hosting a giveaway :-)
    I Love your work (and yes, I do quill)

    Hugs, antonella :-)

  2. Hi, Ann -- Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. You have introduced me to some facinating paper artists and really good resources. I applaud your efforts to bring this art form to others.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Congrats Ann!!! I can't believe you have created such a wonderful fan base in so little time, that is enough to be proud of!!! Now I just have to hope that I have time to do some quilling in the future, and that I have similar luck in getting my blog off the ground!

    I may not get over here often, due to school, but I love all your posts whenever I'm able to find the time. Keep up the awesome work!!


  4. I am a 62 year old granny and I am finding all sorts of crafts I like to do.Quilling is one.I also carve Goose eggs. You be surprise how well they go together.I think I am in my second childhood.Hope I last a while longer.All of you have help me enjoy my passion with great ideas.
    Thank so Much

  5. Hi Ann!! Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I read all your postings since the first one!:)) I´m learning a lot with you and all the fascinating artists we can meet here.



  6. I'm new to the paper craft and feel overwhelmed with all those involved,there art is so beautiful.Hopefully one day I will have art that I can share and feel good sharing it with others. I look up to those like you who have put there heart and minds into art.Thank you for sharing Paula
    Litchfield ,ILL.

  7. I don't know how I found your blog originally but I sure enjoy reading it!! I have subscribed to your feed and I'm glad I now know when you create a new post! Keep up the great work, your blog is a joy to read.

  8. Ann - Great blog! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  9. Congrats!

    You are so creative, it is nice to find ideas that I can use on my projects

    Lynda from Baroda

  10. Hi Ann.. It's such a great blog.. Congratulations on your blog anniversary...

    - Tania -

  11. Hi Ann! Thanks for inviting us to your celebration! I'm happy for you that it's already 6 mos. since you began - Congratulations! I stop by here as frequently as I can, because I love the variety of material that you present, including your own. I appreciate all the work you go to in order to present such a nice blog.


    Helen Pierce

  12. Ann:

    Congrats! Your blog is one of my favorites...full of interesting things to read and great things to see.


  13. Congrats!!! I love your blog...

  14. Hi Ann, You already know how much I love your work so this shoulld be interesting. I am not too good on the computer either so I don't know if I can figure out this blog business!! I will try though. Dema

  15. I found you about a month ago and didn't even know you made cards. What a happy surprise. A tiny quilled card decoration might be just the thing to try since I have never quilled before. I love the paper scul[tures you highlight. Thanks!

  16. Hurray for Blogiversaries!!! I'm fairly new to crafting with paper and there are so many things one can do. A group at my church makes over 100 ornaments a year to send to missionaries, so we are always looking for something lightweight and not so fragile so that it survives the mailing. Thanks for your inspirations.

  17. Ann...can't believe its been 6 months! I don't stop by here nearly enough...but when I do, I find I end up spending way more time than I should! (A sure sign of a wonderful blog, IMO)

    You have been inspiring me for years with your own creative efforts and with all the wonderful creative discoveries you hunt down in the blogosphere. So glad you finally went 'public'

    Congrats and thanks for being such a treasured friend and fellow artist!

  18. Reading this blog is a good way to start the day, as well as get the creative juices flowing. Always new ideas to motivate and inspire. And it is just nice to see so much done with paper, a medium all can afford, and yet, make great things with. I love the ideas, spotlight artists, etc. One day when I grow up, lol, maybe I will be included in your line up!! A girl can dream can't she? LOL. love it!

  19. happy blogoversary!

    oh i would love to be entered in your drawing!

    :) melissa

  20. Hi Ann. I love your blogs. You have such talented people and beautiful artwork. I haven't commented before, but I do read your blogs every now and again. Thanks for the great work. Take care Jill Van Dieren

  21. Hi Ann, I dearly love your work. Love the header on the blog as well. Congrats on 6 months!

  22. Congrats on your anniversary! Love your work and thanks so much for the giveaway!

  23. Congrats on your 6 month anniversary..great blog.. always something inspiring..

  24. I love the blog- the banner is amazing! Congrats!

  25. dear ANn,
    congrats ! this is such an inspiring blog, i got to know all sort of paper craft that is so creative & they mirror your elegance. thank you for sharing these with all of us!

    take care,


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