Creative Paper Jewelry and Book Origami by Liz Hamman

I was first introduced to the inventive paper art of Liz Hamman via a Twitter link [edit: she is now on Instagram as @liz_hamman] that took me to her lizbits page on Flickr. Why Liz's work isn't well known is beyond me, but I'm positive it's only a matter of time... take a look and I think you'll agree:

black and graphite paper origami necklace black and graphite origami necklace

Liz says she's inspired by geometry, growth patterns in nature, and repetitive structures and processes.
 upcycled map origami brooch with pearl center refolded map brooch

What first attracted you to begin working with paper as your medium?

I began working with paper when I was at college. I find it to be exceptionally versatile as a material and if a mistake is made, it's not expensive to replace and, of course, paper is ecologically sound. Artist's books - the book as an art form in its own right - interested me, especially sculptural ones. The paper jewellery came directly from this interest. I consider some of the necklaces I make to be sculptural Artist's Books as they are complete books.

folded book necklaceZipporah necklace

Have you always enjoyed working with your hands?

Yes, always. Paper is fantastic as it's so direct, your only tool is your fingers. I also find the whole process of making to be very therapeutic and almost what I imagine meditating to be like.

manga water balloon necklace

Have you studied design and/or does your sense of creating and style come to you naturally?

I studied art when I was younger and then as a mature student, I went back to college in the town where I live (Macclesfield, Cheshire, England) to study at a higher level. I earned a diploma in Fine Art which took me three years part-time. I think I've always been pretty okay at art and design, but I feel doing a diploma made me better.

refolded map bracelet

Are you, or would you like to be, a full-time artist?
I would love to be a full-time artist although I do enjoy my normal day job too. It's good to have a definite reason to get away from my art work as it gives me time to think where to take it next. I don't have a very taxing day job and luckily it's only part-time. I think being an artist who works alone at home might be a bit lonely. Having said that though, I would love to give being a full-time artist a go.
 music beads

Do you show/sell your work in galleries?

At present my jewellery is sold in local galleries and through the art group I belong to. I have also sold to people who have contacted me by email (liz.hamman at googlemail dot com) who have seen my work on Flickr. I was contacted by the National Glass Centre in Sunderland earlier this year who put some of my work in their showcase; I sell with them now, too. I don't have an online shop yet, but plan to get that sorted out early in the New Year.

folded book

Do you frequently wear your
own paper jewelry? How do people react to it?
Yes, I do wear my own jewellery, but normally only if I am going out. People are usually very complimentary about my work, although there have been a few people that really don't like the idea of me cutting up maps. I hasten to say all the books and maps I create with have been read/used... I never cut new ones!

Japanese brocade origami beads Bangle made from The Ladybird Read It Yourself series, Goldilocks & the Three Bears.
Monopoly money brooch
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  1. Yaaaaay! Thank you for this interview! I love her work so much, and it was really cool to get this additional glimpse.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic artists! I am sooooo inspired by all that you are showcasing on your blog! :)

  3. What a great interview! Thanks for introducing this artist. I love anything related to paper and I'd never heard of Liz Hamman. She doesn't reveal a lot on her Flickr profile but I followed a link to her blog and added it to my RSS feeds. Her work is simply stunning.

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!It' s really fantastic!!!!AND YOUR WORK TOO!!!! i'M SO HAPPY ON FINDING YOUR BLOG THANKS TO mISS mALAPROP!!!


  5. Whoah! These pieces are all so incredible! She works magic with paper! I'm so glad to have found your blog! What an inspiration at every post!

    Jenn @

  6. WOoow! nice craft... i love it..Good luck!

  7. Awesome work love it.


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