Sunday, November 15, 2009

Floral Punch Paper Craft Card

Here's an all-occasion card idea with an autumn color palette. It's one I made while a member of the CustomQuilling design team. Our challenge was to create a project for the monthly newsletter using the Punch Bunch hawthorn leaf punch.To make the flower, buds, and leaves, you'll just need the one punch. I used pearlized paper sheets and quilling strips in deep green, champagne, and pale gold... I'm a fan of the rich look of pearl paper. Admittedly it does take a bit more patience to work with than regular paper because of its slick finish, so it helps to use a quick-drying glue.

Instructions for the card are available as a PDF download via the CQ site. Just click on Patterns after entering the store.


  1. Oh this is just beautiful! I love the warm colors.

  2. I have always loved this design and the rich papers that make it so elegant!!! Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the colors and of course your design! Thanks for sharing. ~ Molly

  4. Very beautiful card! Great design and wonderful colors!

  5. More temptations to give quilling a try!

    Every card you make is just simply beautiful. And this one is no exception! I've got it bookmarked... for after the holidays!

  6. I love the autumn colors you used. This is absolutely gorgeous. I think you're convincing me that in my next life (or as soon as I get more time in this one) I need to try this.


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