Friday, November 13, 2009

Paperform - Benja Harney

Australia's Benja Harney is a self-taught paper engineer and art director. He devotes his talents to making all sorts of fabulous paper creations for advertisements, illustration, package design, and store windows. Just last week, Benja installed these beautiful cut paper wings in the windows of the Hermes store in Sydney, that bear the season's newest merchandise. Aviary, in the studio
He's been one busy guy, as at the end of October, his High Tea set and Crown Jewels helped celebrate the grand opening of the retail partnership of the Aussie fashion boutique, Incu, and Britain's Topshop in Sydney.High Tea
I like what Benja says about his profession: "Paper is such a humble medium to work with. It inspires and challenges me every time I sit down at my cutting mat."See lots more of his designs at the Behance Network or via Flickr.But wait, one more wow before you go... Benja's self portrait in an ornate handmade paper frame.

If I Were Victorian


  1. Wow those wings are incredible. What talent! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Ann!!! You are the best!!! Thanks for introduce us to a new paper artist!!! His work is absolutely amazing!!!

  3. Oh wow, those wings are fantastic! And so large!


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