Paper Art in Spinto Band's Oh Mandy Video

Here's a look at another ingenious music video that utilizes paper art. While I won't attempt to explain the intricacies of Oh Mandy's lyrics, I think you'll find the creative visuals pretty fascinating. Kudos to Waverly Films (production) and Jon Watts (director).

The song (from the band's Nice and Nicely Done CD, 2005) has to be one of the catchiest tunes ever written. Perhaps I'm a bit biased though, because my oldest son and Nick Krill, the lead singer on this song, have been friends since first grade. Actually, all of the guys in the band are talented artists as well as performers, and have been touring the U.S., Europe, and Japan the past several years promoting their music.

Wishing the Spinto Band much success with its newest EP, Slim and Slender, released just last month.

YouTube Oh Mandy link
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Ann Martin

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  1. The band is great and the video is awesome.


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