Paper Cut Portraits a la Dudecraft

If you've never visited Paul Overton's Dudecraft [edit: no longer available], you're in for a treat. He's a jack of all trades, and from what I can tell, has mastered quite a few of them. The site's tagline, Fresh hand-made content, perfectly describes the wide variety of art/craft items Paul reels in from all over the web. I suspect though, they might not have quite the same impact without his knack for descriptive commentary.

paper cut portrait of man smoking
Every now and then we get a glimpse of a Paul-made project. Recently he mentioned working on a series of cut paper portraits. Paul tells me he's not brand new to this medium, but it's the first time he's tried portraiture. Could've fooled me. Joe Strummer of The Clash was his test subject; I'm liking the reminiscent vibe of Shepard Fairey's stencil poster of Obama.

hope paper cut portrait of Obama
And here's Elvis Costello, another of Paul's favorite musicians.

 black and white papercut portrait of elvis costello hanging on brick wall
Pretty amazing likenesses, based on photos, result in what he describes as "just several layers of paper cut and glued together."
 elvis costello paper cut portrait in black and white
Paul promises more cut-paper portraits on Dudecraft as the series progresses.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Ann - Thanks so much for the extremely generous post!

    Your fan,


  2. Very, very cool. I've wanted to try something like this ever since watching "Waking Life" and its stylistic rotoscope imagery. Still haven't, but this is beautifully inspiring. Thank you!


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