Quilled Christmas Tree

When decorating for the holidays, I like to replace a few of our pictures that hang on the wall all year with something more seasonal. This is an idea I came up with for a quilled Christmas tree that isn't terribly labor intensive.

The tree was loosely inspired by a rubber stamp design that caught my eye. Each branch is a shaped coil of 1/8 inch quilling paper. I outlined the burgundy ornaments with silver-gilded paper for a bit of shine and also made the star with silver-gilded paper.

The tree stand was especially fun to make... I laid out and wove silver metallic quilling strips overtop a sheet of graph paper, then drew a pattern for the vase shape and traced around it on top of the woven square which I'd turned on the diagonal. I cut out the vase and last of all, added a crimped strip to the top and bottom.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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