Quilled Christmas Cards on HGTV Show, That's Clever

Ages ago.... well, two and a half years to be more accurate, a camera crew from the HGTV network came to my house to film a quilling demo for the show, That's Clever. I really enjoyed the whole experience and was thrilled to have been asked to do it, but alas... pretty soon the program disappeared from HGTV's lineup. Until now. That's Clever recently returned just one morning a week and at long last my segment is scheduled to air tomorrow at 7:30 AM Eastern/Pacific.

quilled poinsettia tree ornament on handmade card

This is a holiday card I showed how to make... an ivory quilled poinsettia made up of marquises and tight coils.
side view of a quilled poinsettia ornament on a christmas card

The card is actually a little gift because the poinsettia can be detached and hung as a Christmas ornament. I also made a larger version of the same ornament that measures about four inches in diameter.

ivory, green and gold quilled poinsettia tree ornament

So I'll be watching tomorrow from between my fingers... eek! The crew enjoyed making me say/do a few silly things... hopefully those moments were left on the cutting room floor.

Edit: now you can now watch me quill on That's Clever via the YouTube segment below. And here is my quilled poinsettia tutorial.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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