Quilled Snowflakes

11/16/11 Edited to say: For those of you who just can't get enough quilled snowflakes, here are three more free quilled snowflake patterns!

Today I'm featuring the beautiful snowflakes of two quillers I've had the pleasure of getting to know through the North American Quilling Guild (NAQG). Deb Mackes of Pennsylvania is a pro at making snowflakes... in fact, she doesn't even use a grid to ensure an even layout. Mind boggling!

Quilled Snowflakes
No doubt practice makes perfect, but Deb must possess an especially even gaze and steady hands.
 Quilled SnowflakeQuilled Snowflake
She enjoys coming up with unique designs and has treated us to a pattern for this pretty little one.

Quilled Snowflake Tutorial
Use 1/8 inch wide white quilling strips.

2 inch tight coil (make 1)
3 inch marquise (make 6)
2 inch V scroll (make 6)
4 inch marquise (make 6)
1 inch tight coil (make 6)

Working from the center outward:
Glue the 3 inch marquises evenly around the 2 inch tight coil.
Glue a V scroll in between each marquise, making sure the tops of the V scrolls meet each other.
Glue the 4 inch marquises where the V scrolls meet.
Glue a tight coil to the base of each V scroll.

Molly Smith of Texas made these powder blue, silver, and white pearl beauties for Today’s Creative Home Arts magazine. The blue and silver one is extra special in that the two colors are rolled as one.
Quilled Snowflake Tutorial

Molly is always coming up with great ideas... in fact, she's the author of the clever and colorful book, The New Paper Quilling: Creative Techniques for Scrapbooks, Cards, Home Accents & More.

The New Paper Quilling
My wooly winter hat is off to Deb and Molly... as much as I love to quill, I have to admit I find snowflakes somewhat tricky to make. Simply captivating though, they're often one of the first projects a new quiller will try. My best advice is to take your time to make the layout even - the oohs and ahhs will make it well worth the effort in the end.

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