Garlands from Eurolush

One of my very favorite blogs is Eurolush - Adventures in Germany. I've been following the writings of its adorable self-titled owner and her equally adorable dog, Tex, for quite some time.



Eurolush regales readers with humorous tales of everyday adventures in the small German village where she lives, as seen through her American eyes.

Often she and Tex explore the countryside...



and the town...



But perhaps best of all, Eurolush crafts and decorates with impeccable style, making pretty things from fabric and paper. Lately she's been a bit conflicted about this garland kick she's on, but I rather like it.


And certainly I don't begrudge her the use of tea-stained key tags and vintage paper from a Christkindlesmarkt instead of the usual suspects from the aisles of Michaels. (but a wee bit jealous? okay, yes)
Eurolush readily admits to having too much time on her hands and frankly, we benefit... going along vicariously on her shopping outings is always entertaining. I also like that she shares my enthusiasm for wrought iron filigree.
Here's a garland she made recently that combines stitching, fave pictures, paper from an old German ledger, and antique number stamps. (sigh, see what I mean? supply perfection)
If these folded paper wreaths caught your eye, make some just like Eurolush did, by following her link to Domesticali's very nice tutorial. I think they'd be fun to construct at any time of year, but especially on a cold and snowy January day.
Sometimes the simplest ideas are pretty sweet.

Thanks Eurolush, I look forward to your future adventures.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Ann, having always lived in California this scene is a treat to my eyes. I loved her banners and I surely want to try the origami wreath.

  2. Ann, thank you for the wonderful post featuring ME! You are very kind and I appreciate it.

    You made my week!

  3. Have you seen the images on her post for today?

    I have added the blog to my google reader! Thank you so much for sharing. I love the garlands too - so many great ideas! And now that I am no longer afraid to try orgami, thanks to YOU - I will make an organi garland before Christmas!


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