Modern Quilling Style - Cecelia Louie

Always on the lookout for new approaches to quilling, Cecelia Louie's work caught my eye... she quills in an engagingly simple manner. I admire the way her coils are more open than is usually seen and also widely spaced, giving her designs a stylish, modern look.

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's the perfect time to introduce her work as she enjoys incorporating hearts into her card designs.

Cecelia answers my questions...

How did you get started quilling?
I've been in love with paper since Grade 2, when I first learned about origami. I love to make utilitarian objects, so lots of boxes, envelopes, and cards. I admired the intricacies of quilling books in the library, but the designs and examples were so dated, I wasn't enticed to try. Then I saw the Klutz quilling book [Twirled Paper] and my fingers burned with the itch to play!

I loved how lighthearted the examples were, breaking my structurally gridded boundaries that had been ingrained since becoming a graphic designer. I'd go back to the book just to remind myself to let loose and not overthink a piece.

Your quilling style is different than what is typically seen.

Yes, I think I've always made my quilling loose because honestly, it fills up a card faster. That doesn't ensure a better design though, because it's more fragile and difficult to tame when gluing down. At first I used the slotted tool that came with the Klutz book and as I improved, used an awl I bought years ago for bookmaking. I still use an awl now as it doesn't make a crimp in the center.

Do you have any quilling goals for the new year?

Yes, I do. I've repeatedly ogled Yulia Brodskaya's work and recently Raphael Art (courtesy of your blog). I can't find anything wider than 1/8" quilling strips here in British Columbia, and also find the colors to be rather limiting. I'm guessing the paper Yulia and Raphael use is wider and thicker. I love the way they combine graphic backgrounds with their quilling, adding a new dimension. My goal is to cut my own paper and quill on top of a background.

Tell us about your blogs and shop.

I started as a way of recording handmade gifts I gave away. Soon I was joined by girlfriends who also enjoy crafts. We're great inspiration for one another and hopefully for our readers. It's incredible how well the site has taken off! Recently I started which is solely my own work, and I also have an Etsy shop in which I sell a set of patterns of my most popular floral designs.

Many thanks for sharing your ideas, Cecelia. I imagine quite a few quillers will soon be trying out your Valentines especially.

Thanks for asking me to be featured - I'm so pleased!

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