Paper Art in a Beringer Wine Commercial

Ooh, here's a lovely Napa Valley winery ad that features paper grapevines - it's nearly as awesome as the vineyard itself. My family and I had the opportunity to visit Beringer a couple of summers ago - a bit of heaven on earth, I must say.

If you're like me and wondered "How did they do that?!", you might enjoy watching the behind the scenes video [edit: no longer available]. I was happy to learn that one of my favorite book artists, U.K.'s Su Blackwell, was responsible for the paper creations. This was her first foray into three dimensional work and what a success. 130 paper vines, 9000 paper leaves, 4000 feet of paper... I can only imagine the hours that went into the project.

And now a couple of updates on previous posts:

I've received some very nice comments and emails from folks who ordered the quilling slotted tool from Motoko. Consensus is they love it, but some were surprised at its size. The tool measures 3 1/8 inches in length. By the way, it comes with a cap that protects the tip when not in use.

I also had an email from a quiller who wondered how I would go about tweaking the top of the owl's head. I was referring to the feathery tufts we often see pictured on owls... those things that look like ears, or little horns perhaps, but apparently are just feathers. Google "owl clip art" to find examples. Here's a picture that shows one neat idea... two shaped marquises could be placed above the owl's eyes.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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