Romantic Paper Necklaces

While wandering around Etsy, I came across two pretty paper necklaces, perfect for spring. They're not at all the same, but each has a soft, vintage-y look that's so very current.

pink and green paper flowers necklace on golden chain
Lovely, textured paper flowers from the scrapbook section of a craft store transform a plain brass necklace. They're glued onto the circular links and the piece is finished with a gold-plated chain and toggle clasp. Two sisters from Ohio make the mostly one-of-a-kind jewelry items that are available in their CMandMJewelry shop.

pink paper flower necklace detail

I've been seeing a few intriguing mentions of paper string recently, and was happy to spot a beautiful example in River Aurora's shop [edit: no longer available]. Jordana creates unique wearable art in Savannah, Georgia. This hand crocheted lace necklace is a treasure.

crocheted paper bib necklace
ivory crocheted paper necklace detail

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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