Perfectly Varied Crafts by Liz Smith

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy the tweets of artisans I follow on Twitter. Liz Smith of Etsy shop Smith Dry Goods Shop in Massachusetts is one such person... her friendly words and avatar smile quickly won me over. At the risk of straying from my usual paper path today, I'd like to show you the beautiful things Liz makes. Hopefully, like me, you're interested in lots of creative pursuits and will enjoy seeing her ideas. And hang on, I promise there's a paper connection!

Liz will be a guest on Martha Stewart's television show this coming Wednesday, demonstrating how to make one of her gorgeous polymer clay egg designs.

A segment video will most likely appear on Martha's site later in the week for those of you outside the U.S. who are unable to see the show.

But if you're curious about polymer clay and want to learn more right now, visit Liz's blog where you'll find a slide show in the sidebar. She has also posted helpful information on topics like photographing your work and craft show tips.

Not only does Liz have a knack for turning plain clay into kaleidoscope patterns... I'm smitten by her hand-felted wool beauties too. You may have noticed that felt is really popular in the craft world, but I've never seen anything quite as special as the objects Liz creates.
To get such a smooth, even result when hand felting must take a great deal of practice - the perfection Liz achieves is incredible.

These pincushion cupcakes truly take the cake - mmm, devil's food!

I gave my sister one of Liz's clever nest pins for Christmas.

And now to the paper connection. Like daughter, like mother... Liz's mom, Marilyn Smith Rosenfeld, is a fine artist. Originally trained in oil painting, she turned to illustration and watercolors some years back. Liz prints her mother's images on heavy, textured stock, and cuts and assembles each card. They're available in the Smith Dry Goods Shop shop too.

The subject matter and pretty colors bring on warm season yearnings.

Watch for Marilyn's cards as part of the set decor when her daughter debuts on Martha's show this Wednesday. Break a leg, Liz!

And something else to anticipate... later in the week I'll be reviewing a new paper-themed book, complete with a pretty fabulous giveaway.

Edited to add: A video of Liz's fab segment can be seen here [edit: no longer available] and she blogged about the experience too.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I'm completely honored to be featured with my mom on your blog, Ann, thank you so much! Your kind encouragement has been a balm these hectic times.


  2. The eggs are beautiful!!!!
    Very interesting project Ann!

  3. Wow... the polymer clay eggs are gorgeous! Thanks for posting, Ann!

  4. It was very exciting to see Liz's work featured on Martha Stewart. Another great showcase for polymer clay!

  5. To Liz and my sister, Ann, thanks for the felt (nest) pin! Mine is shades of rust, which suit me very well. Seriously! This pin is stunning on my jacket lapels at the office. Lightweight, artistic, and note-worthy, it gives the mind room for interpretation: is it a flower? a nest? Technically perfect, it is lightweight and resilient.

  6. A video of Liz's segment is now available for your viewing pleasure on Martha's site!

  7. Such lovely collections! Very creative! Thank you for bringing them to us!


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