Layered Paper Jewelry by Kristin Kemper

Kristin Kemper of The Spaces in Between makes original necklace pendants by combining dozens of layers of acid-free colored paper. She sands and seals the layers, forming perfectly smooth, solid shapes. They're lightweight, but durable. And pretty!

 layered paper apple necklace
I love this apple, especially the way the bright shades of red resemble wood rings. And the little brass filigree leaf charm adds the perfect touch.

layered blue paper squares on a necklace
Flashback to the '60s with these mod squares!

 layered paper heart-shaped necklace
A sweet vintage bow completes an elegant heart.

Originally from Missouri, Kristin is currently an animation student in New York City, after working as a Disney World cast member for a few years. Something tells me she just might return to Disney after graduation, judging by her drawing talent.

linework drawing of woman balanced on tightrope holding an umbrella
Kristin's linework drawings are available in her other Etsy shop, Kecky [edit: no longer open]. This print is called The Spaces in Between, named after a song of the same title by Ben Christophers. It's one of Kristin's favorite songs and is the name she chose for her jewelry shop.

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