Monday, August 16, 2010

Collage Artist - Megan Coyle

Vivid animal and sea life collages composed of paper pieces cut from magazines caught my eye and brought back memories of grade school when free time meant doing just that... except this is mag-art all grown up. Flamingo Dancers 12 inches x 16 inches

The creator is Megan Coyle, a Washington, D.C. artist. She studied painting and creative writing in college, but has chosen to work in collage because she likes the way her "painting with paper" technique allows each picture to tell a story.

Megan looks through magazines for papers that are just the right colors for the image she has in mind, and begins the piece by creating the background. She often refers to a sketch or photograph while building the layers of paper. Simple scissors and repositionable glue are Megan's tools of choice. When a collage is complete, she applies a protective coating of varnish. Orange Monkey

"I'm constantly breaking down what I see into smaller pieces, piecing together each area bit by bit, occasionally stepping back to see the piece in its entirety."

All of these collages are new this summer and are on exhibit in her current show, The Animal Kingdom, at the Goodwin House Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, August 1- September 25.

Many more examples of Megan's work can be seen at her website and on Flickr.Yellow Bird

In addition to animals and landscapes, Megan collages incredible figurative portraits and still lifes. Read about her latest work and shows via her blog.


  1. I especially love the gorilla. Something about using all the greyish blackish colors so often found in magazines rather than the bright ones. Unexpected, refreshing--I love it.

  2. Love the yellow bird, they are fabulous!

    Rosie xx

  3. Those are great. Love the flamingos and the yellow bird

  4. I know and really like Coyle's work. (I live in Arlington, VA, so I've had the opportunity to see her art in various local galleries.)

  5. Really amazing work. It was a pleasure to visit her blog.

  6. I really like the style of these pictures - and such an original technique! Wonderful.

  7. Thanks for your comments, everyone. Richela, I'm with you on the gorilla and I really like Orange Monkey too. Their expressions are so realistic.

  8. They are really good!
    I especially like the orange monkey and the pelicans.Have style ,are modern worked.

  9. a constant source of inspiration and amazement


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