EdYodeco Paper Dolls

The name of Etsy shop, EdYodeco, translates to Enjoy design Your own. I bet there's plenty of enjoyment happening in Arizona when these whimsical 3D dolls are created from crepe paper, wire, and additional bits of upcycled papers by the owner, Uyen.
Amy and Emma are a pretty pair of sisters. I think we've caught them on their way out the door to a party.
This is sweet Katie. She looks quite demure with her downturned head, rose bouquet, and scalloped skirt.Here's Elisa in a yellow babydoll dress with dragonfly appliques. She's swinging her pocketbook without a care in the world.EdYodeco doesn't just make paper dolls... no, Uyen also creates fab flowers. Can you guess the material she used for these folded roses? Trader Joe's grocery bags. Clever!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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