Friday, April 2, 2010

Elegant Origami by Vania Passos

I love Vania Passos's fresh, imaginative approach to origami as found on her blog, Se Meu Jardim Der Flor.
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A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Vania says all of the arts in one way or another are important to her - music, drawing, painting, poetry - and since 2004 when she began enthusiastically folding paper... origami.
Vania taught herself via books, the internet, and by joining groups of others who also enjoy origami.
Her floral arrangements are striking in their simplicity.
bridal bouquet of lilies and tulips

Vania participates in exhibitions, teaches workshops, and does custom design work for weddings and parties. Visit her origami blog to see additional beautiful examples.


  1. The yellow roses are gorgeous and look so real!

  2. Thanks Ann for showcasing Vania's origami which is so elegant and I especially enjoyed those yellow roses and the white vase, congrats to Vania!

  3. I just went to her site and all I can say is WOW!!! Thank you for showing her to us. Such an artist.

  4. ooo wow. i quite like her work! those roses are amazing :)

  5. Hi Ann!!!
    It´s great to see a brasilian origamist work at your blog.
    Vania has a great origami, indeed!!
    Have a wonderful Easter!!

  6. So beautiful!! All the flower arrangements look elegant.

  7. Thanks everybody for the words and welcome to my garden. I'll wait for you there.


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