Even More Quilled Letters!

Quilling, on a roll... letter-wise, that is. I was thrilled to run across more quilled lettering, this time on Flickr. Serbia's Suzana Ilic is the creator of these impressive Cyrillic designs.

She tells me that letters are her very favorite subject to quill. Look closely for her signature nest... it holds three tiny birds, representing a sister and her brothers.

And how fun are these little cars, trucks, and stoplights?!

Suzana enjoys quilling on small bases such as cards or miniatures. She prefers to use a needle tool and says though it takes more time, she appreciates the result.

Bright and colorful - this card, like the road scene, would be really cute framed and hung in a child's room.

So graceful...

Suzana says that in her country quilling is a totally new way of expression. "People just can't believe you can do something like that with paper."

"At first I had difficulties finding the right weight of paper, made some tools on my own, found instructions on Antonella deFalco's blog, Quilling, Art and Expression, and many others, and started to quill."

I've been quilling for three years now. I fell in love with it the first time I saw a quilled card on the web by pure chance. I thought if I could learn this I would be the happiest person ever! I'm not exaggerating at all!"

Suzana doesn't only quill lovely letters. Visit her on Flickr to see floral examples like this stylish beauty.

If you'd like to try some quilled monograms of your own, Briar Press is a fantastic resource of sample letters.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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