Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Ring Holder

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best.Not only did Brittni Wood and her fiance want to use something a bit different as a ring holder for their wedding, but they needed a way to link the ceremony site with the library rooftop reception... voilá... one made from a vintage book! Necessary supplies are easy to gather and the book can be one that has special meaning for the couple.
Brittni's simple tutorial is here.

black/white photography - Jeanne Ciasullo
composite shot - Brittni Wood

And one more good find for today: Meet the woman behind the extraordinary quilled art... a new Kawaii interview with Yulia Brodskaya!


  1. you are the best!

  2. Such a nice idea!!
    Loved it !!

  3. I really appreciate all of the wonderful things you find to share with us. The ideas are inspiring and challenging and make me want to quill more!

    Because you inspire me, I have passed forward the "Kreativ Blogger Award" to you on my blog. Visit my blog if you'd like to grab the graphic, recognize some blogs that inspire you (I'd love to see your list!), and share some new things about yourself with your readers.

  4. Thanks for the link on interview with Yulia. Can't get enough of her work. Truly amazing.

  5. Definitely different. Very cute and vintage. Such a great way to incorporate a favorite book into a wedding.


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