Modern Quilling Examples

I love coming across unusual examples of quilling and these pieces fill the bill.
First off, a pair of colorful birds by Creartive, found on Flickr.

Rather a fierce and majestic duo, aren't they?!

This is a replica of Alexander Calder's 1971 Green Ball serigraph that Roxann Dragula quilled as a thank you card for Howard Solomon, after she was given a personal tour of his unique art gallery and home in Florida, called Solomon's Castle.

Made up of tight coil discs and collaged shapes, it's a true likeness of Calder's colorful montage. He is known as the inventor of mobiles, was an engineer who became a freelance artist, creating brilliant, contemporary works that are displayed around the world. Calder's career was varied and fascinating - he even created miniature circuses and acted as ringmaster!

And speaking of circuses, I bet most of us who quill have seen filigree clowns, always a popular subject. This unusual fellow by Martinaquill of Brazil, found on Flickr, caught my eye. Martina used so many colors and shapes to compose his costume - quite impressive!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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