Modern Quilling Examples

I love coming across unusual examples of quilling and these pieces fill the bill.
First off, a pair of colorful birds by Creartive, found on Flickr.

Rather a fierce and majestic duo, aren't they?!

This is a replica of Alexander Calder's 1971 Green Ball serigraph that Roxann Dragula quilled as a thank you card for Howard Solomon, after she was given a personal tour of his unique art gallery and home in Florida, called Solomon's Castle.

Made up of tight coil discs and collaged shapes, it's a true likeness of Calder's colorful montage. He is known as the inventor of mobiles, was an engineer who became a freelance artist, creating brilliant, contemporary works that are displayed around the world. Calder's career was varied and fascinating - he even created miniature circuses and acted as ringmaster!

And speaking of circuses, I bet most of us who quill have seen filigree clowns, always a popular subject. This unusual fellow by Martinaquill of Brazil, found on Flickr, caught my eye. Martina used so many colors and shapes to compose his costume - quite impressive!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Some excellent works of art. I love those birds and they do look quite fierce but fascinating also.

  2. hi! m new here :) oh the bird looks really stunning. while the clown. yep very impressive with all the colours and patterns.

    btw, i love you blog.. makes me feel like using quilled art, we can illustrate almost everything in our own quilling style ^__^ keep on sharing, ann!

  3. My God, how much creativity.
    Beautiful work!

  4. Martina's work is outstanding!!
    Thanks for sharing so many different styles in quilling.

  5. Always a delight to visit and see the wonderful works of art!!!

  6. Hello, I know your "That's Clever" episode aired a while ago but I was just wondering how you found out your show was finally airing. My segment aired this past Tuesday and I MISSED IT! They came and filmed me 3 years ago and I tried contacting them for 2 years to find out my air date and no one would return my phone calls or emails. By any chance do you tape the episodes? I'm desperate to get a copy of it!

  7. Wow, wow, wow! I love these! Thank you, Ann!

    (I know I have missed so much from your Blog. It is now on my daily list after "check bank account" :)

    hugs xo

  8. Thanks Ann for showcasing Roxann's quilling, they are very creative and modern pieces! Love 'em all.


  9. Oh my goodness....these are amazing!! Love them all...thank you so much for sharing these photos with makes me so happy!!!

  10. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing these works as much as I did.

    Jess, I found out the air date for my That's Clever segment by setting up a Google Alert for my name and the show's name. I've been out of town until today and will check to see if it recorded while I was gone. If you check back here, let me know your email addy so I can contact you directly if I have the show. I wasn't able to find your addy on either your blog or shop without signing up for your Mail thingamajig.


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