Stitched Illustration - Peter Crawley

About the time I came across quilling, I was into hand stitching on cards. Machine sewing on paper is everywhere right now, but I find it more satisfying to see a design take shape slowly under my fingers, stitch by stitch, and imagine that British artist, Peter Crawley, can relate. Peter's work, however, takes stitched illustration to a new level. He combines cotton thread and watercolor paper to create abstract minimalism. I admire the depth and strength that the angled stitches bring to this modern art piece.

The typography of a sweet alphabet sampler is also very appealing.Peter looks for inspiration in the architecture of London and has a created a series that features some of his favorite buildings.
Visit Peter's website to see more of his intriguing work.

If you would like to try your hand at stitching on paper, I blogged last summer about combining stitching with quilling. Here's a Card Inspirations link to several free patterns.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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