Folded Paper Stars from Bells In Spires

A blog I read pretty regularly is Bells In Spires. Not only do I enjoy seeing Alena Chiang's crafty projects, but quite honestly I go for the laughs - the girl is witty!

Her paper star tutorial was just the push I needed to feature Alena. I'd noticed these tantalizing stars before, but never knew how to make them. They're great conversation starters, as people can't resist coming close to watch the transformation of a simple paper strip into something so clever and chubby.

A woman Alena met while traveling in Thailand taught her to make the stars. They're cute when attached to hair pins and earring findings.

By day, Alena is a business analyst in Minneapolis, but in her free time she enjoys origami, and says it never ceases to amaze her how many forms a flat, unassuming piece of paper can take with just a few folds.

"I've been making paper cranes since I was a child. I enjoy attaching them to all sorts of things - headbands, rings, cards - and gifting them to others. Alena sells the cranes in her Etsy shop, Bells In Spires. (In case you're wondering about the name, it's a lyric from a Vienna Teng song.) Alena also makes paper lotuses and is interested in bookbinding.

She's shared a pretty pinwheel tutorial on her blog.

After seeing Alena's star tute, I couldn't wait to give them a try. I was sure my stash of pre-cut quilling strips would work well. (Look! - proof I made a few in different sizes.)

I quickly discovered that origami paper is much better suited to the task as it's lighter weight than quilling strips, or even regular computer paper. Those do work, but making the indentations with a thumbnail isn't too easy.

You might want to press with the side of a paper piercing tool for better leverage.

And then I had some more fun... I made a dress for Anastasia's paper doll using supplies and patterns from the Klutz Fashion Origami book. Here's a sneak peek, but if you'd like to see the whole outfit, head on over to The Paper Doll Project.

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