Quilled Photo Jewelry and Flower Pendant Tutorial

Via Twitter, I came across a family-owned and operated company in Michigan called Photo Jewelry Making. They sell a wide variety of bracelet, pendant, brooch, and ring blanks, as well as all of the necessary supplies to transform your photos into wearable art. I love to make quilled jewelry and realized many of the blanks could easily hold quilling instead of a picture.

Quilled initial pendant

Placing a quilled monogram in a silver rectangle is sure to elicit the wow factor, plus the frame stabilizes the design. The textured background is a nice bonus too.

Quilled flower pendant

This piece is a magnifying glass - ahem, something I'll probably need in the not too distant future with all the close work I love to do. Meanwhile though, I shortened the beautiful silver chain by doubling it, and added a Japanese quilled motif to the beveled surface.

Quilled flower pendant

A graphic by Sharon Bennett inspired the design. You might remember the quilled bird pendant I made which was inspired by another of her illustrations.

This clear glass locket is double-sided - such a great feature, as you can print out two pics for double the viewing pleasure.

Photo necklace

Originally I planned to use it for the quilled E, but despite cutting 1/8 inch strips in half, the paper was a bit too wide for the clasp to shut.

Happily, Plan B worked out perfectly... despite the crazy, hot weather that has made our garden look quite sad, there was one bright stem of purple balloon flowers in bloom. I grabbed my camera and the EZ-Photo Resizer software, and in no time at all, printed out a picture just the right size to fit the frame. If anyone asks, I can proudly say, "Yes, from my garden!"

Quilled flower pendant tutorial

This one inch square silver pendant frames a single quilled flower. I chose the iciest shades in my paper stash to make a summertime blossom, and cut a square of pale blue, pearlized paper as the background. The mini-ball sterling silver chain adds to the delicate look.

Quilled flower pendant tutorial

I used standard 1/8 inch quilling strips to make the flower. If you're new to quilling, check out my tutorials here and here for all the scoop you'll need to make this project.

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6 inch lavender marquise (make 10)
6 inch pale rose marquise (make 5)

Flower petals:
1. Glue a lavender marquise on each side of a pale rose marquise for each of the five petals.
2. Hold marquises in place while the glue dries, pinching the sides to form the petal shape.
3. Glue a strip of pale turquoise paper around each petal twice as an outline.
4. Glue petals together as pictured to make the flower.

Fringed flower center:
1. Finely fringe a 3 inch lavender strip and a 3 inch pale rose strip.
2. Stack one fringed strip on top of the other and glue them together at one end. Glue a 3 inch lavender strip to the glued end of the fringed strips.
3. Insert the free end of the lavender strip into the slot of a quilling tool and roll toward the fringed strips. Continue rolling to the end of strips. Apply a small amount of glue and slide flower off tool.
4. Glue the fringed flower in the center of the petals and fluff out fringe.

Photo frame pendantPhoto frame pendant

The company also sells a variety of more ornate frames... I think these silver-plated and brass pendants would lend a lovely, antique look to a filigree design. Thanks, Photo Jewelry Making, for offering lots of new and exciting possibilities for quilled jewelry!

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