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It's been awhile since we last checked in with Zim and Zou to see their newest paper creations. Lots of icy fun and bright colors ahead to get this week off to a cool start... look!Here's Penquin Rider, a poster and flyer the French design duo created for a ski/snowboard contest. I love the way simple, sharp snips of colored paper add such a lot of visual interest. (Try saying simple sharp snips three time fast, ha!)This is Inside the Cloud, an assemblage that features a wonderfully refreshing color palette. A perfect summer day comes to mind (which, of course, includes a laptop).
and ooh, such delicate cursive lettering.
And finally, Paper Game, just as clever as the real thing.Thibault Zimmermann (Zim) handles the digital art, rich medias, illustration, photography, and web design, while Lucie Thomas (Zou) is the handmade crafter of paper and other materials. I sure hope Zim and Zou have as much fun designing their projects as we enjoy seeing the final results.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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