Even More Quilled Lettering!

I love coming across bloggers who have given quilling a try and discovered how much they enjoy the process and results. Here are three such folks... and based on their eye-catching designs it's hard to tell they are all quite new to paper rolling.

First up is Lorene, from I am just Lu, who made this pretty W.

Lorene gets together monthly with several relatives and friends who call themselves the Crafty McCrafters. Recently they met to quill monograms, using Craftastical's excellent tutorial. Lorene shares helpful tips in her post that are the result of trial and error, often the very best way to learn. She's since gone on to make several more letters.

I think it's safe to say Lorene's sister-in-law Dusty, who blogs at Doug's Supertastic Blogging Experience, is also smitten with quilling. Her first attempt was this graceful N. Rather than beginning by shaping a paper frame for the letter, she relied on long scrolls to create it.

Dusty's next project was something I have to admit I've never seen translated into quilling before... can you guess what it is?

A peace sign. Well done, Dusty!

She used clip art to trace the basic outline, filled it in with scrolls, and placed it in a shadowbox. Dusty has also framed this stylish tree, created from loose scrolls, teardrop coils, and a teeny-tiny heart.

Lastly, here's a project that requires a bigger time investment, but if you happen to love paisley, it's well worth it.

Suzy, from Suzy's Artsy Crafty Sitcom, designed this pretty amazing A. She's posted a how-to that begins with the creation of a dimensional cardboard base. [edit: newer tutorial, letter H]

Making these as personalized, but inexpensive Christmas gifts is a brilliant idea. By the way, Suzy kindly interviewed me not long ago... the post is here if you'd like to read how I got started in this whole quilling/blogging adventure. But don't be alarmed by the initial chatter about Tom Selleck and Gordon Ramsay... Suzy is quite the character!

Previous quilled monogram posts can be found here, here, here, and here. Lots of ideas, if you are into pretty letters!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. This is lovely work, Ann - inspiring as always!

  2. OMG...these are AWESOME! I appreciate you visiting me Ann! I loved my first attempt at quilling and look forward to trying some more designs! I am going to enjoy your website! Thank you for your kindness!


  3. These are all gorgeous, but I absolutely love all the details and paisleys in the A. I can't wait to try quilling. It's still on the list for this fall, and I want to do something that includes the baby's name or initial. The problem is that I won't know what it is until after she/he gets here! And by then I fear I may never have time... :)

  4. Quilled monograms are my favourite too and these are beautiful examples. The A is amazing, the spirals and the quilled paisley shapes does look like lace.

  5. Ann,

    Thanks so much for the feature!! I feel very honored to be included!


    PS- Tom says "hi!"

  6. Ann, I bought a quilling kit at Michael's, looking forward to another obsession.

  7. Those are all fantastic. That last one is very cool. I also really like that tree and the peace sign.

  8. They are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing so many beauties.

  9. I must say that I am partial to the "A's", I wonder why??? lol! Love them!

  10. These are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing..

  11. I'm glad you all enjoyed seeing these quilling examples.

    Melissa, new babies sleep a lot! Even when they're awake, chances are you'll be able to put him or her in an infant seat right on the table where you're working. Once you two get in a routine I bet you'll find time.

    Marfa, I so agree... there's no reason why quilling can't be stylish and sophisticated.

  12. Just catching up with your posts ive missed, WOW!!! Where do you find the people, the work is amazing! I couldnt possibly comment on everyones,i'd be here for a week, amazing amazing work, I just go through your blog in Orr at all the talent you have on here!!

  13. LOL Nicola, I'm so glad you enjoy your visits here. I'm afraid I'm guilty of spending too much time online, but I definitely love coming across fab people to feature.

  14. I love to see when artists don't hesitate to invest labor or time. Really lovely letters. And a special thank you, Ann, for linking.

  15. Beautiful work !!! I love paisley ...will try this project...absolutely lovely !!!


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