Quilled Tea Sets

Perhaps you remember previous posts about the quilling of Licia Politis, a friend I met via The North American Quilling Guild. Her creations, such as an outstanding Australian-themed chess board and If the Shoe Fits, Wear It, have won many awards.

Licia's latest art piece is a whimsical, full-size tea set, inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. I'm happy to have seen it in person at the NAQG 2010 convention this past spring, where it won a First Place and the People's Choice award. It also took a First at the 2010 Sydney Royal Easter Show, was exhibited in the Showcase of Excellence, and was awarded the Rose Bowl at last month's meeting of the UK Quilling Guild.

"It's a Celebration" required over twelve hundred 12 inch (30 cm) strips of white quilling paper, one thousand strips of pink and green, five hundred strips of yellow, and took three months to complete.

The colorful, three dimensional sculptures are created entirely from paper and glue, and are great examples of specialty edging techniques.

Licia says, "When quilling the teacup, I was inspired by Dutch paper artist Siba Sahabi. Quilled heart shapes seemed the appropriate form to tessellate around a polystyrene ball to create the circular shape of the teapot, as well as to follow the theme of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party."

The quilled white doily contrasts nicely with the bright colors of the plate, cupcakes, teapot, and cup. I also like the way the crimped hearts create a star pattern when arranged in a circular pattern.

The New South Wales Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) has asked Licia if they may acquire this piece for their archival section for historical purposes. She is contemplating donating the piece so that the RAS will have a piece of quilling in their collection.

Another delightful tea set is this miniature version created by talented quiller and blogger, Inna Dorman. Many of you are familiar with Inna's terrific work, and as soon as I saw her post on Friday, I knew the two tea sets would make a great pair. See how versatile narrow strips of paper can be? It's entirely possible to quill as large or small as you like!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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