Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taylor's Eclectic

Isn't this gorgeous? It's a decorative vessel made of paper (of course!) by Taylor Twigg of Etsy shop, Taylor's Eclectic, and is just one in a series she calls Red Rose Blooming.

Taylor also creates a wide variety of wearable sculptures... necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and rings.

Even though the pieces look very much like stained glass, they're surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Individually hand sculpted via a process Taylor developed, the designs don't require molds or forms, and the only materials are paper, wire, and sealants.

It's hard to choose, but I think these earrings might be my favorite. Taylor calls them Cucumber Slice. I'm pretty sure the clever name and picture helped to win me over.

Taylor is busy preparing for the Apple Butter Festival in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, October 9th and 10th. It's a massive show with an expected attendance of about 30,000 - 40,000 from the immediate and surrounding states, including the Washington, DC area. I bet her colorful display will be a feast for the eyes.

Speaking of colors, I love the shades that make up this dramatic Harlequin vessel. Taylor describes it best, "Alive with color, texture, and geometric design, this vase is a full sensory experience." I'd say that pretty much sums up all of her eye-catching work!

She accepts custom design orders too, and can be contacted via her shop, Taylor's Eclectic.


  1. Thank you for the introduction to this wonderful artist. I'm going to try to go out to Berkeley Springs for the festival. It's worth the drive to see Taylor's work.

  2. That's great to hear, Maureen! I hope you'll be able to go.

  3. Waaaaw.Beautiful.Don't have a tutorial to make a decorative vessel of paper?

  4. This is amazing work! It looks like pieces of stained glass rather than paper. Thanks for sharing! hugs, xo

  5. Gorgeous! I especially love the flower necklaces. What a unique and clever way to use paper.

  6. It does look more like stained glass. Never would have thought it was paper by looking at it. Very unique and creative

  7. GORGEOUS!!! Love your projects.. Wonderful :D

  8. Wow Beautiful. She uses such vibrant colours. Truly talented.

  9. What fantastic jewellery pieces and an amazing technique. I also love the 'cucumber slice' earring...what a clever photo!

  10. oh! those pieces are beautiful! they look so light and airy! what a cool way to use paper, how are people so clever??


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