Christmas Calm

Ubercrafter Kim told me that a few years ago she made oodles of quilled snowflakes and gave them all away. "Isn’t it funny how a craft can overtake a person…then they drop it…and then it reemerges in fever-form once again?" That's the place Kim finds herself now, after being inspired by Yulia Brodskaya's beautiful quilled typography. Here's just one example of a lovely swirled project Kim lettered... she hopes to find time to do more in the new year.

Her choice of the word Calm struck a chord with me, as my wish for each of you is that you find a bit of peace in your hectic day whenever you visit here... moments in which you'll perhaps be inspired to try something new.

As we finish up this very busy season of making, I extend my best wishes for a most wonderful holiday week ahead - one that's joyful and calm.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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