Snow Themed Quilling

On Christmas Day, Delaware experienced my favorite kind of snow... festive flurries that didn't accumulate - this is key! The 26th was a different story entirely, as a blizzard zoomed up the Atlantic seaboard and is still wreaking havoc as I type. Oh well, the crazy weather sets the stage perfectly for today's collection of snowy projects.

First up is a wintertime card in silver and blue, decorated with embossed trees and miniature quilled snowflakes. Sure, it would have been a good Christmas card, but sometimes it's nice to send a New Year greeting.

Just a bit of white mulberry paper adds a frosty look. The snowflakes are composed of basic quilling shapes... teardrops, marquises, tight coils, and heart scrolls.

This wedding invitation, more than any other I've done, practically demanded the addition of quilling due to its tone-on-tone embossed snowflake design.

Quilled mini-flakes, a gossamer ribbon, and a silver frame resulted in its being a gift the bride proclaimed as one of her favorites. (Hearing that bit of news later on was pretty wonderful!) But obviously I wasn't remembering grade school science class when I created some of the flakes with more (or less) than six sides - whoops.

And look! Here's proof the cool Paper Zone snowflakes really are easy to make.


I wound up making several smaller ones too, to use on presents instead of bows. The giant one took just six sheets of computer paper and turned out to be the perfect size to hang above our hearth - I may leave it up all winter!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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