Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yulia Brodskaya at Work

If you haven't checked the News section of quiller extraordinaire Yulia Brodskaya's website in a while, you're in for a treat.

Not only has Yulia created a Christmas design for Coin, a chain of Italian department stores, but also book covers, and an ad for a Turkish confectionery company. The most exciting thing to me though, is a video in which we get a glimpse of Yulia's process as she designs a series of numbers for Danish bank, Spar Nord. (Hey, it seems she works from home at a super-cluttered table, just like the rest of us!)

[edit: video no longer available]

Another Yulia sighting... there's been speculation among the online quilling community this week that a little Christmas tree image on a new Target gift card is also her design. She previously did a wrapped package gift card for the chain of U.S. stores.

One other fun thing for today... I noticed a post via @strictlypaper on Twitter about beautiful store windows (La Rinascente in Milan) that are featuring The Angel, a hand and computer crafted sculpture by British paper artist and designer, Richard Sweeney.

Here's one lovely image to get you started... see more of Richard's work on Flickr.


  1. It really is a treat to see Yulia's work ,Ann. Thanks for the video I believe Yulia's perfection comes from thoroughly planning her work. I noticed the cluttered table and am glad I am in good company.

  2. SIGH .... Yulia's work is just SOoo good, it leaves me speechless. But I agree with Suganthi that the sight of her cluttered work table is a great comfort.

  3. Great video! How neat to see part of her process. I love how the 31 turned out!!

  4. Ooh we have a Cafe Rouge in town, must go and see the real thing!

  5. The art of Yulia, is fantastic, is very talented at what he does say magnificent!
    thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for showing us Ann....her work is absolutely AMAZING.

    I wish the video was longer...I want to see more of how she does her work. Oh well we can dream can't we...

  7. She is really unique. Her works speak for themselves. I felt a little bit happier when I saw creative chaos on her diner table.
    I agree with the girls;wish the video was longer.

  8. Her work is just amazing. It's nice to see her clutter as well, makes me feel better about my mess :)

  9. she's my hero. seriously, what a genius.

  10. yulia's work is just amazing. thank you for sharing the latest, and i liked your comment about her working at a cluttered desk at home like the rest of us! :)

  11. I LOVE Yulia's work, I just can't get enough of it!!!

  12. Thanks so much Ann, was really wondering how Yulia achieves those signature swirls of hers. Guess getting a glimpse gave a little comfort. Hats off to both Yulia and You. Great post.


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